Corporación Aura Solar (CAS)

CAS is a group of Mexican entrepreneurs committed to preserving the environment by participating in profitable investment opportunities in the generation of power from renewable sources.

CAS owns the Aura Solar I FV facility and participates as equity partner in other projects under development.

The Aura Solar Initiative is the business vision of CAS. Its objective is to develop large-scale solar power projects in order to take advantage of the tremendous amount of solar resources found in Mexico and other Latin American Countries. Aura Solar I is the first step toward creating a number of solar energy plants in the region.

The Aura Solar Initiative promotes a portfolio of renewable energies in Mexico, with the goal of providing 35% of the nation’s power through renewable sources by 2025, one of the core objectives established by Mexican government.

Our vision is to bring together investment opportunities into a diversified portfolio of projects enough economics of scale to access the international capital markets.

The Aura Solar Initiative is the business vision of CAS, whose objective is to develop large-scale solar power projects in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Board of Directors

Daniel Servitje, President

CEO of Grupo Bimbo, the largest baked-goods company in the world. Daniel is also a board member in Citi-Banamex, Coca-Cola FEMSA and Grocery Manufacturers of America. Grupo Bimbo is a national leader in sustainable initiatives, most prominently, as an offtaker in a 90 MW wind farm to supply 100% power of the group´s power needs for its Mexican operation. Grupo Bimbo has also been recognized for its investment in biodegradable packaging technology for most of its products and its reforestation efforts through the Reforestemos México initiative. The company is also involved in water saving and energy efficiency initiatives involving the latest technology. He is a Management graduate from Universidad Iberoamericana and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

Héctor Olea, Chief Executive Officer

President and CEO of Gauss Energía. With 20 years experience in the Mexican energy sector, he has actively participated in the promotion and development of the natural gas and electricity sectors in the country. His experience in the design and implementation of structural reforms that allow private participation in the sector have given him an unique exposure to a pragmatic business approach and a strategic perspective focused on bankable investment opportunities. He was Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and CEO of the French infrastructure group Suez-Tractebel in Mexico. He is an economist from ITAM, earned his MSc and PhD in Economics at Rice University. He was distinguished with the National Economics Banamex Award in 1989. He is President of the Mexican Association for Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Asolmex).

José Ignacio Mariscal

During more than 35 years, CEO of Grupo Marhnos, a leading Mexican construction firm strongly positioned in the infrastructure, industrial, real estate and residential sectors. The company is certified as socially responsible and their infrastructure division is environmentally experienced by their involvement in the construction and operation of cutting edge plants. Mr. Mariscal sits on the board of various prominent firms, including Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Calidra, Afianzadora Aserta, Arko, Hoteles City Express and Corporación Aura Solar. He is Chairman of the Board of Impulso Energía and Vice President of Fincomun Servicios Financieros Comunitarios. He is also a board member of Uniapac Internacional, where he has also been global resident and its first Latin American president, and the Uniapac Foundation. He is Chairman of the Single Economy committee of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), member of the Executive Committee of the Mexican Employers’ Confederation (Coparmex) and sits on various other committees of that institution. He has a degree in Architecture from the National School of Architecture at UNAM and an MBA from Columbia University. He also completed a program in high-level business management at Harvard University.

Eduardo Tricio

Chairman of Aeroméxico and President and CEO of Grupo Industrial Lala, the dairy-manufacturing leader in Mexico and the U.S.A. Lala has certified its manufacturing plants as clean industry and is founding member of the clean transport initiative. It also voluntarily monitors its CO2 emissions. He holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the ITESM.

Nicolás Mariscal

Chairman of Grupo Marhnos, a leader in real-estate development, concessions and construction in Mexico. Marhnos is certified as a socially responsible corporation and its infrastructure division has extensive experience in developing innovative facilities. He is also a board member at various companies, among them Afianzadora Aserta and Stevedoring Services of America. He is active in philanthropic organizations, including the Social Union of Mexican Entrepreneurs, Impulsa—a group that promotes the development of youth—and the Disaster Resource Network. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from UNAM and a master’s degree in Construction from Stanford University.

Marcelino Gómez

President & CEO of Global Knowledge Latin America, a group of IT education companies. Marcelino is a Grupo Elektra board member and an established serial entrepreneur. He has founded the following companies: Cash Consultores (Financial Planning Systems) Intersys (Systems Integrator), InterVAN (Telecomunications Services) and Editorial RED. He was also President of YPO in 1995. Marcelino earned a Systems Engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and an MBA from University of Pennsylvania at Wharton.

Rodolfo Vargas

CEO of Alimentos Capullo, recently acquired by Associated British Foods PLC (ABF) supplemented by ACH Food subsidiary, a leader in the food industry in North America. Rodolfo has served as Chairman, Corporate Chairman and CEO in some market leading companies such as Bacardí & Compañía, Grupo Planeta, Puig, Sara Lee and Tambrands. He is a Management graduate from ITAM (Mexico). Rodolfo also participates as a Board Member in Seating Concepts (U.S.), Ideal (Mexico) and the Association of Manufacturers of Eatable Oils and Fats (Mexico).

Luis Fernando Sampson

Director of Corporate Finance for Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest bakery company. He has accumulated financial experience in various areas of the company, most recently in mergers and acquisitions, where he has helped make Grupo Bimbo a leader in the global bakery industry. Mr. Sampson has a degree in Public Accountancy from UNAM and a specialization diploma in Corporate Finance as well as an MBA from ITAM, and a diploma in high-level Business administration from IPADE.

Luis Téllez

Member of the Technical Committee of the Mexican Oil Fund, appointed by the Senate in September 2014. Former Chairman and CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange. He has a solid 25-year career in both the public and private sectors. He has held a number of posts in the public sector, among them Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Secretary of Energy, and Head of the Office of the Presidency. In the private sphere he was co-director of Carlyle in Mexico, one of the largest private investment capital firms in the world. He was also Executive Vice President at Desc, one of Mexico’s leading industrial firms and one of the largest on the Mexican stock exchange in terms of market cap. He has served on the board of directors of many major Mexican companies, including Coca-Cola FEMSA, Grupo México, BBVA Bancomer and Grupo Desc. In the United States he sat on the board of Global Industries, an oil services firm, and Sempra Energy, and he was the Mexican partner for one of the most renowned consulting firms in the U.S., Kissinger McLarty. Luis Tellez has a degree in Economics from ITAM and a PhD in Economics from MIT.

Daniel Servitje Rivera Torres

An entrepreneur with three successful companies and extensive experience in strategic planning for start-ups. He worked with Gauss Energía in developing the Aura Solar I solar power plant. He was founder and Director of Strategic Planning for DIAcycle, a company that makes containers for medical waste, and was founding partner of Nexvir, a company specializing in new technologies and media focusing on BLT marketing. He was also co-founder and administrative partner of Grupo ELSER, a consulting company in the area of industrial safety and trade between Mexico and India. Co-founder and strategy consultant for IPEA, a youth think tank, ranked as the 8th leading group of this type in the country. He was strategy and business development analyst for Medicua, a Mexican leader in the supply of anesthetics supplies. Daniel has a degree in Business Administration from Anahuac University.

Íñigo Mariscal

CEO of Grupo Marhnos, a leader in real-estate development, concessions and construction in Mexico. Marhnos is certified as a socially responsible corporation and its infrastructure division has extensive experience in developing innovative facilities. Mr. Mariscal has been involved primarily in the conceptualization and structuring of environmental projects, buildings and highways under concession and public-private partnership schemes. He has planned and executed construction projects for private companies like Procter & Gamble, Honda, BBVA Bancomer and Nissan. He handled the formation of the joint venture between Grupo Marhnos and JS Alberici Construction, and coordinated the execution of joint projects with Constructora Turner in Mexico. He worked with Slattery Skanksa in New York, developing systems to improve productivity and processes. He has also worked with infrastructure development, real estate and construction firms like Grupo Proagua, Constructora Marhnos and Marhnos Habitat, which builds apartment buildings in the Mexico City metropolitan area. Mr. Mariscal has a degree in civil engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.


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